Speaking Work

May presents in classrooms, seminars, events motivating business professionals and students by sharing her business skill, knowledge and her stories in US and overseas. 


Past and On-Going Events in US

UCSD Extension

(Business, Science and Technology)


@UCSD Extension

April 2017- 

May is a business instructor at UCSD Extension's International Programs

UCSD Extension (Business & Leadership)

The Recruiting Process

@UCSD Extension

Jan 21st 2017

"My Job-Hunting Stories in US and Overseas and Universal Lessons-Learned" May shared in class her experience of how she got jobs in US as a Non-US Citizen and overseas. 


UCSD Extension (Business & Leadership)

The Recruiting Process

@UCSD Extension

Oct 15th 2016

May shared in class her real-world life experience of how she got her dream intermship opportunity and the full-time job with a working visa as a non-U.S. Citizen. 


Asia University of Japan

Career Forum

@San Diego State University

June 17th 2015

Dec 12th 2015



May was a Guest Speaker at Career Forum for Asia University's Short Program at SDSU. 


Doushisha University

Career Class

@UC San Diego

Aug 26 2016

Sep 4 2016 


May was a coordinator for Career Class for Doushisha University's Short Program at UCSD. 


Past and On-Going Events in Japan

Empowerment Event

Life Work Balance Panel Discussion

@Onojo City, Japan

June 21 2008


May was a guest panelist on Life Work Balance in Japan. She shared her positive experience with the audience.





Working Woman's Magazine Event

Talk About Me

@Avanti, Japan

Nov 19, 2008


May spoke about her career path and experience for working female professionals.




Seinan Gakuin University

Woman's Alumni Event

@Seinan Gakuin University

December 2, 2006


Panel discussion and round-table talk for female college students at Seinan Gakuin University. "Receiving a job ofer is not a goal, but a start. Design your career based on your happiness and dream."




Shingu High School

Career Seminar

@Shingu High School, Japan


May spoke in front of high school kids about her career, her daily jobs for them to understand what is working and how they can prepare for it. 



Higashi Fukuoka High

Career Seminar

@Higashi Fukuoka High



She spoke in front of 300 high school students on working, career, and find what you love.