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San Diego May is Asian Marketing Expert with 15+ years of experience and Owner of Asiana Marketing, a cross-cultural marketing brand specialized in Asia. Her major clients include UCSD Extension's International Programs as well as small business owners targeting Japan and other Asian audience.


After her first visit in San Diego as an exchange student, she returned to Asia and started her career as Marketing Manager for South Korea's destination marketing, which resulted in excellent result of 400% tourists increase with 2000% more media coverage.


Her role is to bridge cross-cultural gaps in terms of marketing messaging, branding, positioning, etc. She provides quickly actionable marketing advice as well as long-term marketing strategies to grow future business.


Her strengths include community building, news and copy writing, organic marketing campaigns, story-telling and language skills (Japanese native, English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish). 


After 7 years of career in Asia, May moved back to her favorite city of San Diego in 2009 to realize her dream to provide marketing service in the US. She provides marketing-related services such as strategic advice, copy writing, press release publishing, SEO in Japanese. Now she lives in her dream!



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